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I'm attempting to create a custom slider widget by extending the jQuery UI Slider. When overriding the _slide() function I'm expecting two arguments (event, ui), but I'm getting the event object and two numbers instead. My question is why the difference and/or how should I be declaring my function so that it gets the standard (event, ui) arguments?

Code snippet:

(function ( $ ) {
$.widget("test.slider2", $.ui.slider, {

     _slide : function(){
         //do stuff

Demo Fiddle

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The declaration for the _slide private method is

_slide: function( event, index, newVal ) { line 300

not the same as the slide event.

In the code for _slide, look for this._trigger( "slide"

This triggers the slide event that has the function(event, ui) signature, and should give you an idea how to use those values to get the ui object.

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Thanks for the help. Being directed to the source helped me realize I wasn't considering custom events. I'll spend more with the source next time. – FunkyCodeMonkey Dec 28 '13 at 4:35

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