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So I have a textblock that is receiving response text from a webclient

When I do this call in a browser I get nicely formatted responses

like this

enter image description here

but when I do this in code and push it into my textblock I get this (note that all the data is there just scrolled off of the screenshot)

enter image description here

Here is my textblock XAML

 <TextBlock xml:space="preserve"  Text="{Binding toolResponseText,Mode=TwoWay}"/>

I was hoping the space preserve line would have fixed this but it didn't.

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No, xml:space = preserve is talking about whitespace within the XAML. It's not useful to you here.

The important point is that the browser is displaying it with a monospaced font, whereas you're using a variable-width font.



within your XAML. (If that font family doesn't change the appearance, find another one which does, and is still monospaced...)

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Hmmm no it appears that still produces the same result – Anthony Russell Dec 26 '13 at 20:15
Changing the font to Courier New fixed the issue. Thanks sir! – Anthony Russell Dec 26 '13 at 20:20

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