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I'm targeting a list of anchor tagged paragraphs, and I'm using a variation on Alexander Savin's solution for the page jump problem. (Fixed position navbar obscures anchors) In my case the header is about 18em tall and the targeted list item needs to appear just underneath that header. What makes it a bit more complex is that I would like the paragraphs to not be displayed as long as they're not targeted...

The html looks like this:

<ul class="hiddenp">
 <li><a href="#a-1">Morul muspi .cte 1?</a>
  <p id="a-1">Lorum ipsum etc..</p>
 <li><a href="#a-2">Morul muspi .cte 2?</a>
  <p id="a-2">Lorum ipsum etc..</p>
 <li><a href="#a-3">Morul muspi .cte 3?</a>
  <p id="a-3">Lorum ipsum etc..</p>

And the css like this:

.hiddenp li p{
display: none;

.hiddenp li p:target{
padding-top: 20em;
margin-top: -20em;
display: inline-block;
z-index: -15;

This does take care of the page jumping problem but at this point if you click on the third link, it renders the links positioned above that unclickable due to the top-margin / top-padding of the targeted paragraph.

Now is there anyone who can think of a pure html / css solution for this problem? Note: It only needs to be supported in new browsers, I don't really care for IE version < 9...

Thank you in advance!

You can view the entire page here: http://www.bartensteinpiano.nl/vraag-en-antwoord.html

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