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In Java, I wrote a Binary Search Tree class that adds nodes using recursion. Now I want to generalize it using Generics so I can learn more about them.

public class GBinNode<T> {
    T item;
    GBinNode<T> left;
    GBinNode<T> right;

public GBinNode(T newItem) {
    item = newItem;
    left = null;
    right = null;
public GBinNode(T it, GBinNode<T> le, GBinNode<T> ri) {
    item = it;
    left = le;
    right = ri;
public String toString() {
    return item.toString()+" ";

My function to add nodes is in the following class

public class GBinTree<T extends Comparable <T>> {
  GBinNode<T> add(T item, GBinNode<T> bn) {
    if (bn==null) {
        return new GBinNode<T>(item, null, null);
    if (item < bn.item) {        // ERROR HERE
        bn.left = add( item, bn.left);
    else {
        bn.right = add( item, bn.right);
    return bn;

public void toString(GBinNode<T> root) {
    GBinNode<T> curr = root;
    if (curr == null)
    else {
        System.out.println(curr.toString());    // inorder traversal

The main class has the following code to kick things off. I'm using strings, but the data type could be some complex type.

GBinTree<String> bt = new GBinTree<String>();
    GBinNode<String> root = null;
    root = bt.add("Calex", root);
    root = bt.add("Ealex", root);
    root = bt.add("Balex", root);
    root = bt.add("Dalex", root);       

I started to use the Comparable interface but then how do I write the CompareTo() function? I don't know what type T will be? The error I got was "The operator < is undefined for the argument type(s) T, T".

Searching for a solution, one answer was Comparing generic types Java:

class Element<T extends Comparable<T>>

I don't understand where this should go, and how it's different from the class implementing Comparable. The only place I know the type is in the main class, so should the compareTo() be there? I looked at making GBinTree an interface, but got confused whether that was the right track? Any help would be appreciated.

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for best results use <T extends Comparable<? super T>> –  newacct Dec 27 '13 at 20:47

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You cannot overload operators in Java. The < operator only applies to primitive types, not reference types. Since T is a type variable that represents a reference type, you cannot use < on variables of type T. You have to use

if (item.compareTo(bn.item) < 0) 

check the value returned and decide to do what you wish with it.

You don't know what the type T will be but you know that it will be a type that implements Comparable and therefore implements the compareTo() method.

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A side note on that last paragraph for OP's benefit: Basically, you as the person implementing GBinNode<T extends Comparable<T>> are not responsible for implementing compareTo, it's the job of whoever is using your code to make sure that whatever T is, it already has that method implemented. Otherwise, the code won't even compile. –  Dennis Meng Dec 27 '13 at 0:32
@Dennis Meng: Thanks for the side note. I'm learning generics and this helped make things clearer.… was also helpful. –  Alex_B Dec 27 '13 at 0:48

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