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Im writing a web app using play freamwork, i have the following class:

public class Project{
   string name
   Image image

image class

public class Image{
  String path;
  String na,e;
  int x;
  int y;

i want to serialize Project so i get the path when serializing (not the whole image object) :


{ "name" : proj_name, "image" : "path" }

I think this can be done via annotations, but could not find the correct one.

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You have to write custom deserializer, which writes only path property to JSON:

class ImagePathJsonSerializer extends JsonSerializer<Image> {

    public void serialize(Image image, JsonGenerator jsonGenerator,
            SerializerProvider serializerProvider) throws IOException, JsonProcessingException {

Now, you can use @JsonSerialize annotation:

class Project {
    private String name;

    @JsonSerialize(using = ImagePathJsonSerializer.class)
    private Image image;

    //getters, setters
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