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I'm not sure what the best api for simple 2d graphics with Java is. I know java.awt.Graphics2D was the standard but has it been replaced? Swing is the new API for Java GUI apps but it seems a bit heavy for what I want. What I really want is something like the C SDL library.

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Java 2D (Graphics2D and friends) is indeed the best choice that I know of. Swing is actually implemented on top of Java 2D, so yes, if you want non-GUI-type graphics, Java 2D is the way to go.

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Original link was dead, I updated it to point to the new Java 2D tutorials at Oracle's site. –  Andrew White Jan 23 '14 at 20:59

If you want to have the least work possible if you're building a game (or even if not) use http://slick.cokeandcode.com/

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The link is dead. –  Carcigenicate Jul 16 at 22:32

Processing.org has some good easy-to-use 2D stuff (and 3D). It has a PApplet class that implements Applet from AWT together with a bunch of useful operations and works well together with Java2D.

If you just want to mess around with 2d graphics it has a "sketchpad IDE" where you don't need to put it in your java IDE if you just want to experiment with it.

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A Java binding to SDL can be found here:


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Piccolo can be a good choice for drawing graphics. It is a 2D graphics toolkit that supports zoomable user interface. Available for both Java and .Net.

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