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I distribute a statically linked binary version of my application on linux. However, on systems with the 2.4 kernel, I get a segfault on startup, and the message: "FATAL: kernel too old."

How can I easily get a version up and running with a 2.4 kernel? Some of the libraries I need aren't even available on old linux distributions circa 2003. Is there an apt-get install or something that will allow me to easily target older kernels?

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The easiest way is to simply install VirtualBox (or something similar, e.g. VMWare),Install CentOS 3 or any suitable old distro with a 2.4 kernel and build/test your app on that.

Since you're getting a "kernel too old", chances are you're relying on some features not present in 2.4 kernels so you'll have to trace down and rework that. The error might simply be caused by linking statically to glibc, you could try linking to glibc dynamically and all your other libs statically, though to be backwards compatible you'd have to build your app on an old glibv system. Using the lsb tools to build could help too

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LSB wasted a lot of time and didn't work as advertised. The best solution I could come up with is to install different Linuxes on several VMs. (I have to build the newer libraries I use from source for the old ones) Currently I use Ubuntu 8.10, and RedHat 4. Things built on those two can run on the majority of platforms. –  Steve Hanov Apr 8 '10 at 14:01

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