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I am trying to pull from GIT using verbose, it shows all the updated files but it is not showing the absolute path for those files.Is there a way to get full path for the updated files.

i tried command:git pull --verbose

output: Updating b88b206..4a5f5dd Fast-forward .../main/com/manh/cbo/syscode/finitevalue/TESBSysCodeType.java | 3 --- 1 file changed, 3 deletions(-)

i want something like:

Updating b88b206..4a5f5dd Fast-forward C:/GIT/WM2013/te/manifest/JavaSource/main/com/manh/cbo/syscode/finitevalue/TESBSysCodeType.java

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git shortens the paths to fit in 80 chars.

git pull implies git merge which has --stat by default. Unfortunately, this --stat has no width option unlike diff, log or show.

So, to see the changed files, save the current SHA1 into a shell variable:

oldsha=`git rev-parse HEAD`

, do git pull and then:

git diff --stat=1000,1000 $oldsha


git diff --name-only $oldsha
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No: it could be related to the pager configuration: see "git diff - handling long lines?".

Check if the output is more complete with a:

 GIT_PAGER='' git pull --verbose

One workaround could be to pipe the output of that command in order to:

  • find the path of what has been produced by the git pull,
  • replace .../main by <root of your folder>/main.

See for instance "git: a quick command to go to root of the working tree".


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Thanks for the prompt reply. i am pulling the code from root directory only.in my project i have multiple modules, i need to know the module names which are having changes for every pull.But pull is not returning the relative path from root.in the previous example:C:/GIT/WM2013/te is the root, when i pull atleast i want output from manifest/JavaSource/main/com/manh/cbo/syscode/finitevalue/TESBSysCodeType.java (manifest is the module). –  vasu Dec 27 '13 at 8:37
@vasu ok. It could be related to the pager (I have edited the answer). I like basin's answer more though (and I have upvoted it). –  VonC Dec 27 '13 at 9:00

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