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My application calls GooglePlayServicesUtil.isGooglePlayServicesAvailable(context); from google-play-services.jar via JNI.

In my Eclipse project everything is OK (so both the JNI part and java code work fine), but when the same code is being called from NSight Tegra project the application just hangs.

In my NSight Tegra project:

  • JAR libraries are set up in project properties
  • They are dexed during the build: [dex] Using Pre-Dexed google-play-services-1cb26df6ef48c628203cda343aaaf971.jar <- <my path here>\Tegra-Android\Debug\libs\google-play-services.jar
  • I can find isGooglePlayServicesAvailable in classes.dex inside the .apk

I'll appreciate any suggestions!

Thank you!

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Just found the answer!!!

The issue was solved when changed Debug Mode to Native Code. Seems the application stopped somewhere on a hidden breakpoint in java part.

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@user3748298 asks "I am having hard time in adding external jar dependencies in tegra project. Please elaborate how did you make it?" –  Sufian Jun 17 at 11:59
@Sufian I use jar.libs.dir= command in ant.properties file. –  deko Jul 19 at 14:04
@user3748298 did you get your answer? If not, you could ask your own question. –  Sufian Jul 20 at 0:04

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