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I am trying to write some tests for an old project which is written with pylons and repoze.who for authentication. Normally the tests should look similar to the following:

def setUp(self):
    user = UserFactory.create_user()
    response = self.app.post('/authenticate', params={'login': user.email_nm, 'password': user.pswd})
    r = response.follow()

def test_index(self):
    response = self.app.get(url_for(controller=recipes_controller, action='index'))
    self.assertEqual('200 OK', response.status)

but I am looking for a way to mock the login process as the user object has several dependencies in the database which makes the tests slow and difficult to manage. Is it possible?

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For anyone interested in the topic, I found some answers at: code.gustavonarea.net/repoze.who-testutil/index.html –  Vassilis Dec 27 '13 at 13:50

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