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I appreciate if you help me to solve the below query. I want to do conditional copy from sheet 1 and paste in sheet 2. For example sheet 1 has two Cells in two Rows these two Cells data has to paste in single Cell in sheet 2 i.e which cell value is high that entire row data has to paste in sheet 2.

Sub UpdateData()
    Dim wsI As Worksheet, WsRR As Worksheet, WsRRAT As Worksheet
    Dim LrowWsRR As Long, LrowWsRRAT As Long
    Dim i As Long, n As Long

    n = 5

    Set wsI = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Input")
    Set WsRR = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Running RC202")
    Set WsRRAT = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Dossier Evaluation Template")

    LrowWsRR = WsRR.Range("A" & WsRR.Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row + 1

    With WsRR
        For i = 1 To 12
            .Cells(LrowWsRR, i).Value = wsI.Range("E" & n).Value
            n = n + 2
        Next i

        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 1).Value = wsI.Range("E6").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 2).Value = wsI.Range("E8").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 3).Value = wsI.Range("E10").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 4).Value = wsI.Range("E12").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 5).Value = wsI.Range("E14").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 6).Value = wsI.Range("E16").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 7).Value = wsI.Range("E18").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 8).Value = wsI.Range("E20").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 9).Value = wsI.Range("E22").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 10).Value = wsI.Range("E24").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 11).Value = wsI.Range("E26").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 12).Value = wsI.Range("E28").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 13).Value = wsI.Range("E30").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 14).Value = wsI.Range("E32").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 15).Value = wsI.Range("K8").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 15).Value = wsI.Range("K10").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 16).Value = wsI.Range("M8:M10").Value 'Here I want to do conditional copy paste
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 17).Value = wsI.Range("P8:P11").Value 'Here I want to do conditional copy paste

        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 18).Value = wsI.Range("K12:K14").Value 'Here I want to do conditional copy paste

        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 19).Value = wsI.Range("M12").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 19).Value = wsI.Range("K14").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 20).Value = wsI.Range("P12:P14").Value 'Here I want to do conditional copy paste

        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 21).Value = wsI.Range("K16").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 22).Value = wsI.Range("M16").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 23).Value = wsI.Range("P16").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 24).Value = wsI.Range("K18").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 25).Value = wsI.Range("M18").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 26).Value = wsI.Range("P18").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 27).Value = wsI.Range("K20:K26").Value 'Here I want to do conditional copy paste

        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 28).Value = wsI.Range("M20:M26").Value 'Here I want to do conditional copy paste

        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 29).Value = wsI.Range("P20:P26").Value 'Here I want to do conditional copy paste

        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 30).Value = wsI.Range("M30").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 31).Value = wsI.Range("M32").Value
        .Cells(LrowWsRR, 32).Value = wsI.Range("M34").Value
    End With   

End Sub
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For each of the rows you have commented, try this:

.Cells(LrowWsRR, 16).Value = Application.Max(wsI.Range("M8:M10").Value)

Simply add Excel's Max function to do the work for you.

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Thank you very much its working. –  Srinivas Jan 2 '14 at 3:21

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