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I am trying to construct the correct SOAP request in PHP to the following service.


The method I am trying to use is the CreateAccount, I have included the code I have so far but all I get is a 'InvalidInputParameters' response. I have xxx out the account details for obvious reasons


// Login Credentials
$userName = "xxx";
$password = "xxx";

// create a connection to the local host mono .NET pull back the wsdl to get the functions names
// and also the parameters and return values
$client = new SoapClient("https://secure.sosonlinebackup.com/WebAPI/AccountManagementService/AccountManagementService.asmx?wsdl",
                    "soap_version" => "SOAP_1_1",
                    "Content-Type" => "text/xml; charset=utf-8",
                    "SOAPAction" => "sosonlinebackup.com/CreateAccount",
                    "trace" => 1, // enable trace to view what is happening
                    "exceptions" => 0, // disable exceptions
                    "cache_wsdl" => 0)   // disable any caching on the wsdl, encase you alter the wsdl server

//Body of the Soap Header.
$headerbody = array('UserName' => $userName,
    'Password' => $password);

$ns = 'http://secure.sosonlinebackup.com/'; //Namespace of the WS.
//Create Soap Header.
$header = new SOAPHeader($ns, 'AuthHeader', $headerbody);

//Create Soap Body
$data = soapify(array(
    'firstName' => 'Rob Paddock',
    'userName' => 'rob.paddock@me.com',
    'password' => randomPassword(),
    'email' => 'rob.paddock@me.com',
    'customerTypeCode' => 'xxx',
    'paymentPlanID' => '139173',
    'licenseKey' => '0',
    'localeCode' => 'en_GB',
    'secretQuestion' => 'whats the test',
    'answer' => 'test'

//set the Headers of Soap Client.

$client->__soapCall("CreateAccount", null);

$method = 'CreateAccount';

$result = $client->$method(new SoapParam($data, 'Data'));

// display what was sent to the server (the request)
echo "<p>Request :" . htmlspecialchars($client->__getLastRequest()) . "</p>";
// display the response from the server
echo "<p>Response:" . htmlspecialchars($client->__getLastResponse()) . "</p>";


function soapify(array $data) {
    foreach ($data as &$value) {
        if (is_array($value)) {
            $value = soapify($value);

    return new SoapVar($data, SOAP_ENC_OBJECT);

function randomPassword() {
    $alphabet = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUWXYZ0123456789";
    $pass = array(); //remember to declare $pass as an array
    $alphaLength = strlen($alphabet) - 1; //put the length -1 in cache
    for ($i = 0; $i < 8; $i++) {
        $n = rand(0, $alphaLength);
        $pass[] = $alphabet[$n];
    return implode($pass); //turn the array into a string

echo randomPassword();
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