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When I try to place objects using the Interface Builder in Xcode into a NSScrollView, they appear fine until runtime in the application, where they do not appear at all for some reason. I want it to be so that I can place multiple buttons and labels in the view, and have the user be able to scroll down to see more.

Am I not meant to use NSScrollView for this purpose?

Is there another way to go about implementing it I am not aware of?

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You need to check the where you added the UI objects.

You need to consider these :

  1. Is your autolayout enabled?

  2. Did you flipped the view?

  3. Resizing mask is working good as per your requirement.

Am I not meant to use NSScrollView for this purpose?

No, you picked the correct control for the requirement. NSScrollView is indeed for same kind of use.

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