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When I use StageXL I get this warning:

Element 'MouseEvent' from SDK library 'html_dartium.dart' is implicitly hidden by 'stagexl.dart'

I haven't found any info on why it appears and if it gives problems, but I think it might be the reason I have issues with my code somewhere else (I'm using a MouseEvent on a onClick event listener for a button)

Is there a way to distinguish the use of both MouseEvents?

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Usually you solve such conflicts with import aliases like

import 'dart:html' as dom;
import 'package:stagexl/stagexl.dart' as sxl;

then you reference members of the libraries like


If that doesn't solve your problem some code would be helpful to see what you try and how.

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Unfortunately Flash and HTML have some classes with the same name but different fields. Therefore the StageXL Samples always imports the dart:html library "as html" and the StageXL library without an alias. In most use cases you don't need the html-classes when you work with StageXL, so it should be okay. –  bp74 Dec 29 '13 at 10:37
I'm creating an application with a GUI (html classes?) with StageXL to manage the graphical effects in it. I might be using the wrong library, but I'm experimenting and so far I think I should use StageXL to draw on canvas and html for everything else. –  mobinoob Jan 1 at 17:14
@mobinoob I'm not sure if your comment is a question. I can't help you anyway I guess, because I don't know StageXL at all, I only recognized the Error ... implicitly hidden by .... –  Günter Zöchbauer Jan 1 at 17:17
No question (yet), I was just explaining to bp74 why I am using both libraries. I might post a question later, but as a separate post. thanks! –  mobinoob Jan 1 at 17:30
Using something like @mobinoob in your message helps to distinguish if you address a single person instead of the community. –  Günter Zöchbauer Jan 1 at 17:34

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