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I'm trying to create it's something like this. But instead of 3 objects or shapes what I want it's to use only two, a "Star" and a "Dot" and make the star appear on every corner.

I've tried different ways to do it, without success. Sometimes I get doubles stars and others I get all the corners totally out of sync with the rest of the pattern.

Illustrator it's the only software that drives me crazy compared to every software on the Adobe Suite... they complicate too much very simple tasks.

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Just made a quick video on how to make brush using two shapes.

However, you need little bit of tweaking with one of the shape, for instance, you will have divide the second shape into two exact halves. (see video).

Make sure you hold ALT (Option key on Mac) when you get to (2:29) on the video. Alt key is used to specifically add a corner to the existing brush.

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Perfect! Just perfect! Thank you so much. – rmz Dec 30 '13 at 23:45

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