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I am actually trying to partition a table.

while I am altering this table

ALTER TABLE ttaa ADD constraint PK_ttaa primary key clustered ( CODE, BRCODE, ttaa, IND, ttaa_NO, LINE_NO ) GO

I having this error .

Cannot create unique index 'PK_ttaa' on table 'PK_ttaa' as a local index. The table partition condition and the specified index keys make it impossible to enforce index uniqueness across partitions with a local index.

can anyone help me ?

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To enforce uniqueness the partition keys must be a subset of the index keys, and must be in the same sequence.

Check the documentation for more detailed information: Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.5 > Transact-SQL Users Guide > Partitioning Tables and Indexes > Indexes and partitions

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yes, thats correct I fixed that , now I am checking parallelism plan –  Moudiz Jan 3 '14 at 8:07

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