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I want to have a push notification display in the status bar after the user receives 3 text messages. I then want to start a new activity after that notification is clicked. I have been searching around and haven't found any help with setting up this condition for sending out a push notification.

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One option would be to use a Service.

You would first use an AlarmManager to start your Service on a set schedule (say every half hour). Your Service would then perform the logic necessary to check if a word needs a review and show a notification as appropriate.

A basic service that performs this functionality would look something like this:

public class ReviewCheckService extends IntentService {

 public ReviewCheckService() {}

 protected void onHandleIntent(Intent intent) {
    if (isNeedReview()) {

for reading about Service you can see this site

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To know how to implement Android Notification visit this site for tutorials

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