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I'm using Sphinx for creating docs. Many times I have to cross reference sections, for example when I write about Destruction of Known World, I'd like to reference to Schemes of an Atom Bomb here and there. This is easy via regular cross reference. But when I decide that atom bomb would be to easily blocked by some countries, I'd like to conveniently track every usage of it's schemes and check if I can replace it to DIY: Brewing Deadly Virus. I don't want to manually add reference back from Schemes of an Atom Bomb to every paragraph in Destruction of known World that talks (and references to) the schemes. I'd like it to be automatically generated. How can I do that?

Short: I would like to add cross references from A to B, and magically have references from B to A somewhere near B.

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ack-grep ":ref:"? – delnan Dec 27 '13 at 16:05
For mighty devs - yes. For civil users on Windows: "what?" ;] – Ctrl-C Dec 27 '13 at 17:11

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