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I'm using contentEditable div and when cursor is at the end of the first line, then click button, I would like to select the entire line of first line. (if I have cursor at the end of the second line, then button click would select entire line of second line and so on)

How do I achieve this using selection/range object?

I made simple test app here: http://jsfiddle.net/ehSkr/15/

My problem with code below is that it works when only simple text exists in the document how ever when any node comes in play sucn as this then selection gets confused somehow and not selecting the entire line.

Note: I'm using IE11 (or 10, 9, 8), that's why selection.modify is commented out because IE does not support such method unlike Chrome.


<div contentEditable='true'>
<span><b>this</b> is a pen</span><br />
<span>second line</span><br />


    var selection = window.getSelection();
    var range = [];
    range = selection.getRangeAt(0);

    var startNode = selection.anchorNode;
    var endNode = selection.focusNode;
    range.setStart(startNode, 0);
    range.setEnd(endNode, range.endOffset);
    //selection.modify("extend", "forward", "word");
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