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Are there official MIME types for the .cs (C# source), .resx, .aspx, etc. files in a .NET project?

If no official types are defined, any recommendations on good MIME types? This will be exposed via Apache and the mod_dav_svn module when viewing a Subversion repository from a web browser, so anything that'll help Firefox et al render the file correctly would do the trick.

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Use the information on this answer to easily determine the MIME types.

For example (running on Windows XP SP2) I got the following results:

  • cs - text/plain
  • resx - text/xml
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Great answer - specific answers to specific questions, and general info on how to find out more. Thankyou! – Dylan Beattie Oct 16 '08 at 11:10

Apparently Gnome uses text/x-csharp for C# source files, but I'd personally expect .cs and .aspx files to be text/plain and .resx to be text/xml.

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