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If I have a structure:



Then, inside tag2.scala.html

@import tags._  // this refers to /app/views/mystuff/tags
@import _root_.tags._ // I want it refers to /app/views/tags

Then I have an error: object tags is not a member of package

Q: what is the best practice to handle imports if the view-structure is deeper than one level ?

REMARK: I've already read that _root_ can not be imported. But how can I refer to the root then?


If I try this (not to use root):

@import views.tags._
@import views.mystuff.tags._

Then I have error: object tags is not a member of package views

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For now I follow different structure:


and this of course works (maybe this is even better).

Another idea is to create separate play module. Or even different (rest) application.. depending on what 'stuff' is in each concrete case.

So this is alternative solution, I don't know how to refer to root in that case:

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The package "views" need to be the last in structure path, so you must change your structure from:



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nope. it seems I can not import it (look at my last remark) –  ses Dec 27 '13 at 19:22
You asked a totally different question from the question raised at that remark. Have you tried the code? I'm pretty sure that it works. –  Marco Dec 27 '13 at 19:34
Yes, I did, it (also) says: "object tags is not a member of package views". In may remarks I refer to the answer that refers to the doc that says that it is impossible to use root in import. Do you use similar snippet/root-import somewhere in your code? –  ses Dec 27 '13 at 19:38

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