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Is it possible to use getConstructor to obtain the constructor of the class X below?

public class A {

public class Y {


public class X extends Y {
    public X(A a, Y[] yy) {

    public void someMethod() throws SecurityException, NoSuchMethodException {
        Class<? extends Y> clazz = X.class;
        Constructor<? extends Y> c =
            clazz.getConstructor(new Class[]{
                        /* what do I put in here for the array of Ys? */


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You can construct class literals involving array notation just like you would with "undecorated" classes, namely ClassName[].class. This literal yields "the class which describes arrays of instances of ClassName". In your case:

clazz.getConstructor(new Class[] {
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Or shorter.

    Constructor<X> c = X.class.getConstructor(A.class, Y[].class);
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