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I've created a custom extension that creates a survey URL that is then included in the email templates when an order is shipped. I place it at the top of the email and at the bottom. Problem is, the survey URL is generated from an array of available URLs. When the email is sent out, I have two different URLs sometimes because it's running the code two separate times. I need it to have the same URL at the top and bottom of my email.

Here is what I have:

class Company_SurveyUrl_Block_Url extends Mage_Sales_Block_Items_Abstract

    public function generateUrl() 

        $coupon_code = $_order->getCouponCode();
        $custname_first = $_order->getCustomerFirstname();
        $custname_last = $_order->getCustomerLastname();
        $order_date = $_order->getCreatedAtFormated('short');
        $getamount = $_order->getGrandTotal();
        $amount = number_format((float)$getamount, 2, '.', '');
        $email = $_order->getCustomerEmail();
        $cards = unserialize($_order->getGiftCards());
        $gccode = $cards[0]['c'];
        $surveys = array("http://site1.come", "http://site2.com");
        $pick_survey_key = array_rand($surveys);
        $url = $surveys[$pick_survey_key];
            $survey_url = $url ."?&order=". $_order->getIncrementId() ."&custfirst=". $custname_first ."&custlast=". $custname_last ."&orderdate=". $order_date ."&amount=". $amount ."&email=". $email;
        if ($coupon_code){
            $survey_url .= "&code=". $coupon_code;
        if ($gccode){
            $survey_url .= "&gccode=". $gccode;
        return $survey_url;

I then have two phtml templates. One to generate the URL, and one to generate a table with html:


echo $this->generateUrl();


<?php $survey_url  =  $this->generateUrl(); ?>
<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0" width="650" style="border:1px solid #EAEAEA;">
            <th align="center" bgcolor="#EAEAEA" style="font-size:13px; padding:3px 9px"><?php echo $this->__('What can we do better? Tell us. We\'re listening.') ?></th>
        <tr <?php echo $i%2?'bgcolor="#F6F6F6"':'' ?>>
            <td align="center" valign="top" style="padding:3px 9px">
                <a href ="<?php echo $survey_url ?>">Take our survey!</a>

Finally in my email template I do this toward the top of my email:

<p><b>How can we improve? </b>Please take this this short <a href="{{block type='surveyurl/url' area='frontend' template='surveyurl/url.phtml' order=$order}}">survey</a>.</p>

And I do this at the bottom to generate the table html:

<tr><td>{{block type='surveyurl/url' area='frontend' template='surveyurl/surveytable.phtml' order=$order}}</td></tr>

Anybody have some suggestions on how I can alter this so that it uses the same URL in the email at the top and bottom?

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