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I see that Dart has a BodyElement class, and that it has an innerHTML property.

I also see that you can access the current document's body via window.document.body, however, there are no getter/setter methods for this body property.

So I'm trying to link the two together: how I dyamically set the current document's body's inner HTML? I'm looking for something like:

String html = "<p><h1>I'm dynamic</h1>";
window.document.body = bodyElementFactory.newBodyElement(html);

Thanks in advance!

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Some options:

querySelector('body').appendHtml("<p><h1>I'm dynamic</h1>");


querySelector('body').innerHtml = "<p><h1>I'm dynamic</h1>";
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document.body returns BodyElement. You could do the following if you wanted:

document.body.innerHtml = "<h1>I'm dynamic</h1>";
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