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I'm trying to integrate the MCPKit MySQL framework available at http://mysql-cocoa.sourceforge.net/ into my cocoa application. I've added the framework and included the header file but when I try to define my first MCPConnection variable it says "MCPConnection undeclared". Is anyone successfully using MCPKit on leopard ? Or is there another framework that people use to access MySQL ?

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"I've added the framework ..." You might want to expand on this as it's likely the problem. How exactly did you add the framework to your project? Does it appear in the "linked frameworks" group? Is it also part of the target's "Link Binary With Libraries" build phase? –  Joshua Nozzi Jan 17 '10 at 18:37

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I wrote a guide on how to get MCPKit up and running on XCode 3.2.x :) People from Sequel Pro gave me a copy of the MCPKit they used, which is a bit updated from the ones you can find floating around google.

P.S. I couldn't post a link to Sequel Pro because this is my first post. -_-;;


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Ok, I've managed to get the framework working but I'm having trouble getting results back. When I perform a query with more than one field I cannot access the results properly.

This works:

result = [db queryString:@"select Title from newsitems LIMIT 10"];
row = [result fetchRowAsDictionary];
NSLog(@"%@", [row objectForKey:@"Title"]);

This does not:

result = [db queryString:@"select Title, Link from newsitems LIMIT 10"];
row = [result fetchRowAsDictionary];
NSLog(@"%@", [row objectForKey:@"Title"]);
NSLog(@"%@", [row objectForKey:@"Link"]);

When I try the second example, Title correctly outputs as a string, but Link outputs "0" instead of the string (both are defined in mysql as varchars). It seems whenever I try to get multiple fields into a NSDictionary, only the first one works. Any idea why ?

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Just follow this link... and you're done!

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LOL ! Um, thanks VassilisGr. I'm really pleased that you bothered to provide a link to some helpful documentation to answer my year old question. Except for one tiny thing... the blog you linked me to is my own blog! I wrote that after I learnt about MCPKit the hard way and decided to share my experiences. Still, nice of you to be helpful. :") –  Pawz Lion Feb 20 '11 at 4:10
@Pawz: Funny. :) –  sudo rm -rf Apr 23 '11 at 17:41
I've spend a lot of time seeking for the best solution and that link really helped me guys. My excitement made me add that solution. Sorry for didn't noticing that. Nice nick by the way :) –  VassilisGr Apr 24 '11 at 22:11

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