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ScottGu in this post link text shows how one can utilize EditorTemplates for things such as a Country DropDownList. My question is how can one pass a dynamic list of Countries to the EditorTemplate?

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You can pass it in ViewData and feed ViewData from and ActionFilter if the data is required very often (although arguable it is an anti-pattern).

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Even better you make the partial view strongly typed and pass the model to the EditorFor helper

@Html.EditorFor(m=>m.SelectedCountry, Model.AvailableCountries)
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Is there any way to get EditorForModel() to figure this out for the sub elements? – jm. Nov 14 '12 at 23:09

Probably the most elegant solution is using a Custom Attribute, you can later access Model metadata using: ViewData.ModelMetadata.


 [Foreign(Type="DropDown", TableName="Countries")]
   public int IdCountry { get; set; }

where ForeignAttribute is a class you must declare, and later use it to build your editor template.

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Similar to @Benja's answer

You can also use the [AdditionaMetaData(key,value)] attribute in a similar fashion without having to define your own attribute. Key and value have to be strings.

The extra data can be retrieved in the view with: @ViewData.ModelMetadata.AdditionalValues["DropDownData"]

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