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This question is more academic—I know of a solution to solve the problem, however it doesn't make sense why it works. The loop is stuck, but it will unstick under two possibilities:

  1. Replace 'while' with 'until', and '!=' with '==' for both statements in line 6.
  2. Replace 'or' with 'and' in line 6.

But the question remains: why do (1) and (2) work, but not the original code?

def ask question

    puts question
    reply = gets.chomp.downcase

    while (reply != 'yes' and reply != 'no')
        puts 'Please answer with a yes or a no.'
        reply = gets.chomp.downcase

    if (reply == 'yes')
        wetsBed = true
        wetsBed = false


ask 'Do you like eating tacos?'                     
ask 'Do you like eating burritos?'
wetsBed = ask 'Do you wet the bed?'                 
ask 'Do you eat chimichangas?'
ask 'Do you eat sopapillas?'
ask 'Do you eat tamales?'
puts 'Just a few more questions.'
ask 'Do you like drinking horchata?'
ask 'Do you like eating flautas?'
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So I assume that while (reply != 'yes' and reply != 'no') in your original code sample is really while (reply != 'yes' or reply != 'no')? –  Robert Harvey Dec 27 '13 at 23:13
That would make sense. –  BSpiros Dec 27 '13 at 23:14
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It doesn't work because any string in reply will fulfill the condition

reply != 'yes' or reply != 'no'

Because any string will satisfy one or both of the conditions, and you only need one condition in an or to be true for the whole condition to be true.

Try it. yes makes the second condition true, but not the first, so the condition evaluates to true. no makes the first condition true but not the second, so the condition evaluates to true. Any other string makes both conditions true.

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the "and" in your while loop should be "or"

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No. It should be and. –  Robert Harvey Dec 27 '13 at 23:15
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As @RobertHarvey said, any value for reply will cause the while loop to continue looping if an or conjunction is used. Let's say reply contains the value yes. In that case while (reply != 'yes' or reply != 'no') must continue the loop because when the test in the while statement is reduced to boolean values, the reply != 'yes' becomes false, the reply != 'no' becomes true, which reduces the expression to while (false or true), which reduces further to while(true), and thus the loop continues. Same thing if reply is set to 'no'. If reply is set to any string other than yes or no then each of the tests answers true. There is no way for reply to be equal to both yes and no simultaneously, so when written with an or this loop will never be able to terminate. Change it to an and and it works much better.

I hope this helps.

Share and enjoy.

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A more idiomatic way to say this in ruby might be:

until ['yes','no'].include?(reply = gets.chomp.downcase)
  puts 'Please answer with a yes or a no.'
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