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I'm using an asp:TextBox as the wmd-input. As the user clicks the submit button I wan't to capture the markdown at server side as the Text property of my asp:TextBox control.

However, instead of the expected markdown, my TextBox at server-side contains the HTML formatted version of the markdown:


How do I get the pure markdown?

PS: At client side I see markdown on the asp:TextBox. It's not clear for me when it's getting converted to HTML before post-back.

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Figured it out myself.

WMD-Editor supports a configuration that determines the output of the editor. Check out the file optionsExample.html that comes with the downloadable version.

In my case I just needed to add this before the showdown.js reference:

<script type="text/javascript">
        window['wmd_options'] = {
            output: "Markdown",
            buttons: "bold italic | link blockquote image | ol ul heading hr"
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