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I'm working on a project for my bachelor diploma and I kinda have a problem. I'm using an old computer(that has 2gb of ram) to emulate a debian 7 VM . I gave the VM around 1.2 GB RAM .

Inside the VM I have to use Netkit (2.8) to launch a lab I worked on at uni. When starting the lab on the uni computers (with the command "lstart") it launched all the vm's in the lab. When working at home on my old computer I use the command lstart to launch my lab, it launches my first machine (that I called R) , R opens and displays

"adding x bytes to physical memory to account for exec-shield gap Can't release memory to the host - memory hotplug won't be supported"

How can I make my lab launch? (I suppose it needs to use less RAM, but I don't really know where to change that in netkit configurations) Can anyone please help ?

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