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I have an issue with Lettuce + Django + Splinter. Lettuce does not seem to be able to pick up changes to the database. Below, create_user and create_post generate and save a user and a few post models. However when splinter opens the browser - there seem to be no posts on the page, when I try to access the list view.

I am running lettuce via python manage.py harvest --test-server.

@step(ur'visit "(.*)" url')
def visit_url(step, name):
    [create_post().save() for i in xrange(2)]
    world.browser = Browser()

The URL I am trying to access is a Post list view, and same construction works perfectly from django's test framework, so I know it is not an issue with django or splinter.

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The solution was to set a LETTUCE_TEST_SERVER value to a test runner based on Django LiveServerTestCase. Thus, I had to add a line to settings.py:

LETTUCE_TEST_SERVER = 'lettuce.django.server.DjangoServer'

This seem to be an undocumented feature from a following pull request: https://github.com/gabrielfalcao/lettuce/pull/395.

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