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I'm trying to symlink some files from /path/to/folder1 to /path/to/folder2 with some custom text appended to the resulting symlinks' names, however, after finally figuring out the correct handling of basename, the syntax either doesn't work or if I cd to /path/to/folder2 and only use ${file%%.*}-something.txt the files get symlinked to /path/to/folder1.

Here is my code:

for file in $(find /path/to/folder1 -iname '*.txt' ! -name 'file.txt' -type f)
do ln -s $file /path/to/folder2/${file%%.*}-something.txt

How to do it correctly?

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for file /path/to/folder1/abc.txt, ${file%%.*} will give you /path/to/folder1/abc

so you ln command translates to:

ln -s /path/to/folder1/abc.txt /path/to/folder2//path/to/folder1/abc-something.txt

if you want to link /path/to/folder1/abc.txt to /path/to/folder2/abc-something.txt, you can do it this way:

for file in $(find /path/to/folder1 -iname '*.txt' ! -name 'file.txt' -type f)
    do ln -s $file /path/to/folder2/$(basename $file .txt)-something.txt
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