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I'm pretty sure this is a very noob problem, but am still scratching my head.

In a recruitment app, I have Users which has_many Jobs :through Applications.

On each Jobs#show view, I want to have a button that a user can click to go to Applications#new and create the connection between that specific job and the user.

Right now, I am using this code ->

<%= link_to "Apply to the Job", 
    new_application_path(:application => { :user_id => current_user.id, :job_id => @job.id }), 
    , :method => POST, :class => "button"

But this can not work without introducing a mass assignment security flaw; a user can simply change their user id and make it seem as though someone else applied to the job.

How would I go about passing the job_id, as well as the user_id parameter in the link, while avoid mass assignment?

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Since the user_id is the current_user id, you can modify the route to just get the :job_id and in your controller action, use current_user id for :user_id. Then passing job_id should'nt be a problem.

<%= link_to "Apply to the Job", 
    new_application_path(:application => {:job_id => @job.id }), 
    , :method => POST, :class => "button"
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