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I have created a bucket for my Google cloud project, that has default permissions for 'All Users', 'All Authenticated Users' and 3 pre-defined groups. What do all these mean?

I want to give read permissions to the objects inside the bucket to all (public) and write to bucket permissions to only my application and application editors. How do I do that?

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The 3 pre-defined groups are for following:

  1. Project Owners

  2. Project Editors

  3. All Project Team Members

The two additional groups are:

  1. All Users - This grants public access

  2. All Authenticated Users - This means all users logged in with Google account.

For more details, see:

You need to pass the project-owner group and the key in the client API from your application, when you want full control from your project.

To give read access to public, you can select 'Read' against 'All Users' in the bucket. objects should take the bucket's default permissions, if not specified while creating the objects.

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