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I have a Rails feature test that is not being run. When I try $ rspec spec/features or $ rspec I get this output:

No examples found.

Finished in 0.00005 seconds
0 examples, 0 failures

Here is the code in my feature test that should be run:

# spec/features/alpha_sign_ups.rb
require 'spec_helper'

feature 'Alpha user sign ups' do
    scenario 'with a valid email' do
        visit root_path
        fill_in 'Email', with: "test@test.com"
        click_button 'Request Early Access'
        expect(page).to have_content('whatever')
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In the Relish documents, it says:

by default, RSpec runs files that match "*/_spec.rb"



will do.


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yep, that's why I posted this question about why it's not running :P –  Donny P Dec 28 '13 at 18:33
Would you tell me why my answer is not accepted? –  tkymtk Dec 28 '13 at 23:55
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My file did not have a _spec.rb suffix. Rspec only runs files as tests if they have this suffix.

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