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I'm trying to make refunds using ActiveMerchant gem. After reading the API, I use the refund method like this: response = PaymentGateway.refund(nil,transaction_id), where transaction_id is my 17 characters transaction ID. When I execute this code, I've got this error in my logs:

    Refund error: transaction 90C30922TK2262948, booking 5569, response= #    
   <ActiveMerchant::Billing::PaypalExpressResponse:0x00000110a4c048 @params=
   {"timestamp"=>"2013-12-28T11:58:46Z", "ack"=>"Failure", 
   "correlation_id"=>"17b440dc61a09", "version"=>"72", "build"=>"8951431",
   "refund_transaction_id"=>nil, "message"=>"The transaction id is not valid", 
   "error_codes"=>"10004", "Timestamp"=>"2013-12-28T11:58:46Z", "Ack"=>"Failure",
   "CorrelationID"=>"17b440dc61a09", "Errors"=>{"ShortMessage"=>"Transaction refused  
    because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details.", 
   "LongMessage"=>"The transaction id is not valid", "ErrorCode"=>"10004", 
   "SeverityCode"=>"Error"}, "Version"=>"72", "Build"=>"8951431", 

The id parameter doesn't seem to be accepted by the Paypal API. I'm using the transfer method, but I'd rather use the refund one.

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Take a look at this paypal_api

This is what your refund should look like

  # Refunds a transaction.
  # For a full refund pass nil for the amount:
  # gateway.refund nil, 'G39883289DH238'
  # This will automatically make the :refund_type be "Full".
  # For a partial refund just pass the amount as usual:
  # gateway.refund 100, 'UBU83983N920'
  def refund(money, identification, options = {})
    commit 'RefundTransaction', build_refund_request(money, identification, options)
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make sure that you use the transaction id when the amount was 'capture'. in my app, i use authorize/capture/refund API. the transaction id when i 'authorize' is different from the transaction id when i 'capture'

here's the data i got when i capture the amount.

timestamp: '2014-01-30T21:59:33Z'
ack: Success
correlation_id: 7803f5d114c45
version: '72'
build: '9285531'
authorization_id: 04G82796YE043610H
transaction_id: 9A656277C6136044L
parent_transaction_id: 04G82796YE043610H
transaction_type: express-checkout
payment_type: instant
payment_date: '2014-01-30T21:59:32Z'
gross_amount: '15.97'
gross_amount_currency_id: USD
fee_amount: '0.76'
fee_amount_currency_id: USD
tax_amount: '0.00'
tax_amount_currency_id: USD
payment_status: Completed
pending_reason: none
reason_code: none
protection_eligibility: Eligible
protection_eligibility_type: ItemNotReceivedEligible,UnauthorizedPaymentEligible
AuthorizationID: 04G82796YE043610H
  TransactionID: 9A656277C6136044L
  ParentTransactionID: 04G82796YE043610H
  TransactionType: express-checkout
  PaymentType: instant
  PaymentDate: '2014-01-30T21:59:32Z'
  GrossAmount: '15.97'
  FeeAmount: '0.76'
  TaxAmount: '0.00'
  PaymentStatus: Completed
  PendingReason: none
  ReasonCode: none
  ProtectionEligibility: Eligible
  ProtectionEligibilityType: ItemNotReceivedEligible,UnauthorizedPaymentEligible

then i call the refund method:


=> #<ActiveMerchant::Billing::PaypalExpressResponse:0x007ff4e744b450
  {"code"=>nil, "message"=>nil, "street_match"=>nil, "postal_match"=>nil},
 @cvv_result={"code"=>nil, "message"=>nil},


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