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I use Guard for my Continuous Testing.

My Guardfile is

guard :phpunit2, :all_on_start => false, :tests_path => 'app/tests/', :cli => '--colors -c phpunit.xml' do
    # Run any test in app/tests upon save.

    # When a view file is updated, run tests.
    # Tip: you probably only want to run your integration tests.
    watch(%r{app/views/.+\.php}) { Dir.glob('app/tests/**/*.php') }

    # When a file is edited, try to run its associated test.
    # Save app/models/User.php, and it will run app/tests/models/UserTest.php
    watch(%r{^app/(.+)/(.+)\.php$}) { |m| "app/tests/#{m[1]}/#{m[2]}Test.php"}

I install phpunit since composer "phpunit/phpunit": "3.7.*"

But when i use guard :

ERROR - phpunit is not installed on your machine.

My CLI for to use phpunit is vendor/bin/phpunit

So, i try to add in Guardfile this :command => "vendor/bin/phpunit" in the guard config

The complete config :

guard :phpunit2, :all_on_start => false, :tests_path => 'app/tests/', :command => "vendor/bin/phpunit", :cli => '--colors -c phpunit.xml' do

but, i have always errors

ERROR - phpunit is not installed on your machine.

How do ? Thanks

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Do you have have:

gem install guard-phpunit


Take a look at this:

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Yes and i use bundler : however i d'ont use guar-phpunit but guard-phpunit2 beacause phpunit2 it's recently update – timothylhuillier Dec 28 '13 at 23:04

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