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Assume we have these inputs and output data:

1,1 -> 1

1,1 -> 1

1,1 -> 1

1,1 -> 0

1,0 -> 0

0,1 -> 1

0,0 -> 0

Is there any type of classifier that we can train with above data and when we give (1,1) as input, 75% of the time it gives out 1 and 25% of the time gives 0? (and 100% for the rest of the cases since they do not have alternatives).

I am only aware of Boltzmann machine (a stochastic neural network). How about classifiers other than Nnet?

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In fact any classifier, that can output class probabilities (including Naive Bayes, NN, SVM) can work this way. In most cases you simply select class which maximizes the conditional probability


In your case, simply select class according to probability distribution

c ~ P(c|x)

so for example, you train SVM with probabilistic outputs, and get that for a given input x_1 you have

P(1|x_1) = 0.75; P(0|x_1) = 0.25

And simply return 1 with 75% chance

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