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i have a problem with file upload using node.js gridform plugin. Upload is working ok but i want to write file metadata when uploading the file. I get metadata from the client but it is not saved with the file in fs.files mongodb collection. Here's my upload code:

exports.uploadFile = function (req, res) {
var form = gridform();

form.on('fileBegin', function(name, file) { //This event triggers and file metadata is written nicely
    file.metadata = 'metatetaeta'

//But when it parses here it doesn't save the metadata with the file
form.parse(req, function (err, fields, files) {
    var file = files.filename;        
    var result = {fileName: file.name, fileSize: file.size, fileId: file.id}
    if (err) {
        cr.message = "Error";
        cr.error = true;
        cr.return_value = "";
        cr.success = false;        
    } else { 
        cr.message = "Success";
        cr.error = false;
        cr.return_value = result;
        cr.success = true;        

Also is there a way to set custom chunk size for file upload, through some options object like the one GridStore has? Thanks in advance.

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