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I'm making a request to this google calendar api to retrieve all the events during a day:


It works fine with the partial events during that day but the problem is that it retrieves the "all the day" events of the next day too (2013-12-30):

{ "kind": "calendar#event", "etag": "\"XxbwS1MD0Y8jfGZwMQdPS4xI8-w/MTM4ODI1NzU2NDg3MDAwMA\"", "id": "r0heopotjhbfh8hpd7da4udefk", "status": "confirmed", "htmlLink": "xxxxxxx", "created": "2013-12-28T17:37:30.000Z", "updated": "2013-12-28T19:06:04.870Z", "summary": "Last test", "creator": { "email": "xxxxx", "displayName": "Héctor Betancourt", "self": true }, "organizer": { "email": "xxxxx", "displayName": "Héctor Betancourt", "self": true }, "start": { "dateTime": "2013-12-29T23:00:00-06:00" }, "end": { "dateTime": "2013-12-30T23:30:00-06:00" }, "iCalUID": "r0heopotjhbfh8hpd7da4udefk@google.com", "sequence": 0,
"reminders": { "useDefault": true } },

{ "kind": "calendar#event", "etag": "\"XxbwS1MD0Y8jfGZwMQdPS4xI8-w/MTM4ODA4OTA2NDUxNzAwMA\"", "id": "7p39v31gc08mea9ck5mhg4era4", "status": "confirmed", "htmlLink": "xxxxxxx", "created": "2013-12-26T14:56:58.000Z", "updated": "2013-12-26T20:17:44.517Z", "summary": "Enrique Ledesma | On vacation", "creator": { "email": "xxxxx", "displayName": "Enrique Ledesma" }, "organizer": { "email": "xxxxx", "displayName": "Enrique Ledesma" }, "start": { "date": "2013-12-30" }, "end": { "date": "2014-01-07" }, "transparency": "transparent", "visibility": "private", "iCalUID": "7p39v31gc08mea9ck5mhg4era4@google.com", "sequence": 0,


How can I fix that?

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