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I am using this plugin for rating on my website. Now when I load my view and the user has already posted a rating the rating is displayed by making the value selected by user checked. What I am unable to achieve is to enable the rating when the user clicks the edit button (div). The issue is that the plugin hides the original radio buttons and replaces them with:

<div role="text" aria-label="Bad"
class="star-rating rater-0 star star-rating-applied
star-rating-readonly star-rating-on">
  <a title="Bad">2</a>

As you can see a part of the class says readonly. When the rating is live the code looks like this:

<div role="text" aria-label="Bad" 
class="star-rating rater-0 star star-rating-applied 
  <a title="Bad">2</a>

These divs are generated five times as I have 5 original radio buttons. I have tried replacing the readonly class with the live class, but I still wasn't able to use the rating. Please, if anyone here has a clue how to achieve this, let me know. Thank you for reading and in advance for your replies.

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Always read the documentation first before asking questions.

set the readOnly to false so you can change the rating. eg.: $('input').rating('readOnly',false) or simply $('input').rating('readOnly');

you have to change the word input with the name of your css selector

$('input') to eg: $('.star')


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did that, won't work. Its glitches – user1227065 Dec 28 '13 at 20:41

Got it. The issue was that I was creating the rating like this: so it is read only by default. So then when I tried to make it active with a function($('input').rating('readOnly',false); it wouldn't work. So now I create the elements without the disabled attribute and use this script:

            $( document ).ready(function() {
                $( "#edit" ).click(function() {


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check the edit on my answer – Basil Basaif Dec 28 '13 at 20:46
was the answer helpful ? – Basil Basaif Dec 28 '13 at 22:02

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