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When using a TimeField in a Django model I wish to be able to perform a query in a view, using the hour and minute elements of the TimeField separately.

However, when I do so, if I run the view I receive an error message that the __hour (or __minute) does not exist (see code below):

scheduleItems = DEVICESCHEDULE.objects.filter(time__hour = nowHour)

If I change the model to use a DateTimeField rather than a TimeField, I am able to use the __hour and __minute options.

I would prefer to keep the field type as a TimeField, as I only need a time to be input and inputting a date (even if it is ignored) is confusing to the user.

Thanks in advance!

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Seem like the date/time related lookups only works with dates and datetimes, not the time fields, although seems like it would be a nice feature to have as well.

Have you thought about raising a ticket maybe?

Maybe you can consider this as a replacement:

DEVICESCHEDULE.objects.extra(where=['SUBSTR(time, 1, 2)=%0.2d'], params=[nowHour])
DEVICESCHEDULE.objects.extra(where=['SUBSTR(time, 4, 2)=%0.2d'], params=[nowMinute])
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Ticketed at code.djangoproject.com/ticket/22316 –  Matthew Somerville Mar 23 at 0:17

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