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What if I need to save all revisions forever, how to prevent compaction in CouchDB? May i disable this feature?

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Unless you fully understand the implications, it's not a good idea to save revisions forever by disabling compaction. If you have a requirement to store historical versions of documents, you can absolutely build this on CouchDB, but you should do it explicitly.

There is a blog post here which describes a number of different approaches. If you don't need to index historical documents, I'd recommend storing each revision as an attachment on save. From that blog post,

when the document is loaded from the CouchDB server, the string representation is saved before being parsed into JSON. Later, when the document is saved, the string representation is attached as a new binary attachment, with the corresponding rev as it’s name, and a content type of application/json. This way any CouchDB library can just open the stored rev, and see it as a normal document.

This means that each time the document is updated, the client will also store the previous version as an attachment to the latest version. At any time, a user can load any of the old versions.

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No, you can't "disable" the feature... but you don't have to ever run it either.

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