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I'm using Farbtastic for a Phonegap app (iOS only for now) I'm working on and currently there's that annoying 300ms delay between pressing on the colour wheel and it registering the click and changing the colour value. I appreciate that delay is there for a reason but I'm using Fastclick to prevent it across the rest of my app. However, it stops Farbtastic working completely, and I have to add a class of needsclick to the colour wheel to get it to work.

I believe the issue is down to Farbtastic using mouseup, mousedown and mousemove events so that users can drag their cursor around the colour wheel on PC. As I'm working on an app, all I'm looking for is just tapping on the colour wheel, so is there any way the code could be amended so Fastclick works with it?

Farbtastic: https://github.com/mattfarina/farbtastic

Fastclick: https://github.com/ftlabs/fastclick

I would really appreciate any help.

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