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private Boolean Saveuser(bool isNew)
    tb_User user = new tb_User();

    user.User_Name = txtUserName.Text.Trim();
    user.User_LoginName = txtLoginName.Text;
    user.User_Password = txtPassord.Text;
    user.User_ModifiedBy = clsGlobalVariable.strusername;
    user.User_Modified = DateTime.Now;
    user.User_IsDeleted = false;
    user.User_IsUpdated = true;
    user.User_UserGroup = "";
    user.User_UserType = "";
    user.User_WarehouseCode = "";


when I try to insert new user using above coding, it is worik, but try to update existing user by passing isNew (false). It is not working, when I trace inside activerecord.cs, the dirty column count is always 0 for both new and update. How can I update the existing record? Please answer for me? Thanks.

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You should

  1. Get the record
  2. Update record
  3. Save

    User u = User.FetchByID(2345);

    u.User_Name = "blablabla";

    //other User object modifications...


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