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From their example (TLiveAudioRecorder)

    procedure TMainForm.LiveAudioRecorderData(Sender: TObject;
      const Buffer: Pointer; BufferSize: Cardinal; var FreeIt: Boolean);
      I: Integer;
      FreeIt := True;
      for I := tcpServer.Socket.ActiveConnections - 1 downto 0 do
        with tcpServer.Socket.Connections[I] do
          if Data = Self then // the client is ready
            SendBuf(Buffer^, BufferSize);


How can I send the audio stream using TCP indy10 ? something like Connection.IOHandler.Write(Buffer, 0, true);

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You can either:

  1. Use RawToBytes() to copy the buffer data to a TIdBytes and then pass that to TIdIOHandler.Write(TIdBytes):

    Connection.IOHandler.Write(RawToBytes(Buffer^, BufferSize));
  2. Use TIdMemoryBufferStream to wrap the buffer in a TStream and pass that to TIdIOHandler.Write(TStream):

    Strm := TIdMemoryBufferStream.Create(Buffer, BufferSize);
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