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I'm using the following to refresh the images which i'm using to prevents bots. So i want to show some GIF while the image is loading and hide it when loading is done.

$.CaptchaLoad = function(){
    var src   = '../php/captcha.php',
        stamp = (new Date()).getTime(),
        url   = src + '?' + stamp;
    document.getElementById('capcha').src = url;


Is in Ajax where i would use 'Success';

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try onload event of image: document.getElementById('capcha').onload = function(){}; –  Khanh TO Dec 29 '13 at 8:02
with jQuery, can do something like $("#capcha").load(function(){}); –  Khanh TO Dec 29 '13 at 8:03
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I'm not sure what $.CaptchaLoad plugin? if above code works fine in your case.

Add onload listener to image object.

    //successfully loaded
    //write a code here to hide your loader.
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$.on is preferred to $.bind in new versions of jQuery. –  Khanh TO Dec 29 '13 at 8:42
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You could try .load event.

    //hide your GIF

But notice that there are some Caveats of the load event when used with images, quoted from the doc:

  • It doesn't work consistently nor reliably cross-browser
  • It doesn't fire correctly in WebKit if the image src is set to the same src as before
  • It doesn't correctly bubble up the DOM tree
  • Can cease to fire for images that already live in the browser's cache

One of them is : Can cease to fire for images that already live in the browser's cache. In your case, adding the timestamp does the trick. Remember not to remove it.

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