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I am trying to build and Deploy our solution to Azure using TeamCity. When I Build the azure solution (Web.Azure.ccproj) using TC, it always generates wrong file like Web.Azure.ccproj.cspkg in Release\app.publish folder. I am not understaing why it is generating a file like ccproj.cspkg. Rather it should have just generated Web.Azure.cspkg.

Note: when I try directly in command prompt (msbuild Web.Azure.ccproj /t:Publish) am able to see proper files generated.

Any reason why this is happening?

Thanks in Advance

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Strangely for me when I run the command directly on the build agent (i.e. from the command line) it generates the correct file but when run via TeamCity it doesn't. –  James Feb 9 at 14:07

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I don't know why the generated files are different. However, if you are looking to deploy to Azure Cloud Services from TeamCity, maybe this link will help.

The linked post has a powershell script that will deploy the solution and you can include that as a build step in TeamCity. The script deals with having different Live and UAT environments etc, which you may not need.

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Hi Frans, Thanks for the response. I am using somewhat similar powershell script to deploy our application. But difference is I am adding one extra build step in TC to Build my azure application. I tried building application using powershell script as shown in the link that you provided, but still the same result. I am seriously not getting why the file is being generated like this when built inside TC. –  Madhusudan Jan 2 '14 at 2:15

For what it's worth, we're building the entire solution with a Visual Studio (.sln) runner and it builds the Azure projects fine.

Some of our parameters:

Targets: Rebuild
Configuration: Dev (Could be Stage or Release per our environments)
Command line parameters: /p:TargetProfile=Dev /P:Configuration=Dev

The last set of parameters are where I originally got stuck. We have profiles for Azure projects and configurations for the entire solution. We need both to get the right packages created.

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