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I am having difficulty manually debugging my code. Which editors support debugging PHP code, and how do I use them?

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I use Eclipse PDT as IDE, and it supports debugging (for both web-pages and command-line scripts), using the Xdebug extension -- and Zend Debugger, should I add, even if I have never used it.

There are tutorials available on the net explaining how to setup both of those to get the debugger working. For instance, you might want to read :

And here is a screenshot of what it can look like (here, I've set a breakpoint somewhere is the admin section of Dotclear) :

I've used Eclipse PDT + Xdebug successfully on several projects, based on several Frameworks -- the last in date being a project based on Drupal.

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Backing you up 100% on Eclipse PDT. Best cross-platform editor available, in my opinion anyway. –  BenTheDesigner Jan 17 '10 at 22:04

Netbeans, along with many others have XDebug Support.



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Most PHP IDEs have integrated support for some debugger or the other.

Maybe these questions prove helpful:

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Notepad++ has a DBGP plugin that works just fine with Xdebug. Couldn't live without.

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Netbeans is free, cross-platform and compatible with X-Debug.

Here's instructions on how to configure them: http://wiki.netbeans.org/HowToConfigureXDebug

Also, for paid IDEs, I've enjoyed using PHPDesigner in the past. I also hear PHPNuke is very good. All support X-Debug.

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