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Android / location:

I would like to receive location updates every 5 seconds.

Should I call the method:

locationManager.requestLocationUpdates(LocationManager.GPS_PROVIDER,5000, 0, gpsLocListener)?

It is important for me NOT to interfere with the osmdroid MyLocationManager functionality. Or should I use the MyLocationOverlay.onLocationChanged(), e.g. by inheritance of the MyLocationOverlay class.

If so, how often will it be called?

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There should be no problem having multiple listeners on the location manager. Each one will get events separately. In fact, if you wanted you could use a new instance of osmdroid's GpsMyLocationProvider to feed you location updates. Call mGpsMyLocationProvider.startLocationProvider(myLocationConsumer) where myLocationConsumer is an instance of IMyLocationConsumer that receives and handles gps updates as you wish. You can call mGpsMyLocationProvider.setLocationUpdateMinTime() to adjust how often you get updates.

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Thank you very much !! –  user3143823 Jan 1 at 8:20
If this answer fulfilled your needs then mark it as accepted. –  kurtzmarc Jan 2 at 14:11
Please refer to my previous answer. See the code. –  user3143823 Jan 12 at 15:23
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