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When I try to create a new process on separate node using

Pid = spawn(mynode, mymodule, myfunction, [self()])

(myfunction/1 is exported), I get this error:

Error in process <0.10.0> on node 'no@de1' with exit value:
{undef,[{mymodule, myfunction, [<33.64.0>], []}]}

I tried to set -compile(export_all) flag, but assuming the additional braces in error log, this is not the case. I don't know what causes the error and I have no clue what to do.

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The error you get is saying “There is no module ‘mymodule’ and/or no function ‘mymodule:myfunction/1’”.
This means mymodule is not loaded in the code server of your separate node.
To load mymodule's code there you need something like this snippet or this function

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Same answer, different question:… Thank you, I wasn't aware of that. Thought Erlang would handle it itself. – deleteme Dec 29 '13 at 18:33

Did you check that the module mymodule is in the path of no@de1?

When you spwan a process using spawn(mynode, mymodule, myfunction, [self()]), the VM needs to load the code before executing it.

If you use a high order function (a fun) in this way spawn(Node, Fun), then in is not more necessary to have the code in the path (but beware that any call to a function in the function definition need to be solved on the remote node)

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go to no@de1 and run m(mymodule). It should clarify if the module is loadable and which functions does export.

also: check if the other node is reachable. Do a net_adm:ping on it.

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